Build your business with social listening

Imagine if you could listen in to what people are saying about your brand, industry or competitors, at any time, across any market, in any language?  Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, with social listening, you can do just that – and gain information on brand sentiment, competitor benchmarking and leads in the process.


What is social listening?

 Social listening is the process of ‘scanning’ or ‘listening’ to conversations across the web and social space for discussions related to your business. Social conversations can reveal important insights related to your brand or business, which you can, in turn, leverage to outpace competitors and retain clients and customers. 

 Why should I care?

 You should care because being competitive these days means being the most agile, and also having the most data.  Social listening can help you harvest data to out manoeuvre competitors. 

You can: 

 Look for people searching for similar services and products

Another smart way is to scan for objective questions like “where can I find yellow cups?” or “any recommendations?”. Searching for similar queries and replying to them will open doors for your business if you have the products required by the customer asking the query.

 Find out what kind of content your audience cravers

Ensure your social media content is on par with what your audience is actually engaging with online. Our reports can give you the keywords that your audience is using to talk about your brand and industry, which in turn can strengthen your SEO strategy and social content.

 See what your competitors are up to

Monthly or weekly benchmark reports will keep you abreast of your competitors’ activities in key markets or around key verticals – you can also see how you stack up.

 Look at what’s happening in other markets

Thinking of launching a new product or service, in say, Saudi Arabia?  Why not see what people there are saying about your sector before you launch. Valuable insights can help you better position your launch and lead to a successful campaign.

 Poach your competitors’ unhappy clients

Skim through your competitors’ mentions and see how their followers are talking negatively about them. If a specific problem is mentioned then reach out to the customers to explain why your product might be better for them.

 Uncover influencers who can help you drive sales

If you’re monitoring your brand, you’ll get a list of influencers who have already mentioned your brand – these are people to contact straight away and discuss the future you might have together.

 Quickly resolve negative sentiment around your brand

One way of utilising the power of social listening is by spotting people who are talking negatively about your brand. You can leverage this opportunity to resolve your customers bad experiences by offering them freebies or discounts from your brand, which is a win-win for both parties on most occasions.

 How does it work?

The Social Shop will meet with you to ascertain which type of reporting would best help your business. We will then build you a bespoke reporting program.

 If done in the right way, social listening can build your brand awareness, generate leads, increase word-of-mouth and win you new customers from social media! So experiment and play around and you will discover new possibilities you never imagined.

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